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APA Juggernaut 500 Fe

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Read about the Juggernaut Preamp from Grammy award winning Producer/Mixer/Bassist John Spiker:

THE JUGGERNAUT 500 FE is an all Class A discrete, transformer coupled 500 series preamp by APA, designed by Tim Farrant and Nathan Eldred.

The Juggernaut 500 Fe features custom wound iron and nickel input transformers (switchable via push button), and comes with an iron core custom output transformer. When switching between input transformers the auto-mute function engages to prevent loud pops or damage to speakers. Manual mute is also selectable. Pushbutton LEDs light up when selected. The Juggernaut is electronically discrete and fully class A; no opamps, no chips. Fully API (tm) compatible.

The Juggernaut was designed to be the ideal multi-tasker in the studio for any application. It is the first 500 series preamp that can provide a staggering range of tonal choices and control, through the use of switchable input transformers, widest choice of selectable impedance settings, onboard instrument DI, high-quality detented gain and impedance knobs for repeatibility and stereo matching between multiple Juggernauts, and much more. The incredible amount of features packed into a single 500 series slot is unprecedented.

Some other unique features include "Boost" and "+THD". Boost control button lowers or raises the sensitivity of the INPUT to avoid the typical negative -20dB pad found on many preamps which effects the tone. The +THD button is -10dB OUTPUT pad which will allows slight saturation of the transformer.

The Juggernaut has a wide selection of impedance settings ranging from 300 to 10,000 ohms this feature acts like a "tone control" knob; going beyond the traditional idea of mic impedance matching with microphones. The lower settings allow for low end emphasis in the source, while the higher settings allow for a distinctly open and extended full range frequency response. The Juggernaut provides the utmost flexibility and freedom of choice.

"tones ranging from sweet purity to velvety saturation. Thoughtful features and ergonomics make the Juggernaut a joy to use. Any studio would benefit from having a Juggernaut or two, but the preamp's sonic versatility makes it a serious contender for anyone looking for one preamp that does it all... there's no doubt this is one great product." - Michael Cooper


APA Juggernaut 500 Fe Features:

  • All Class A & discrete electronics
  • Fully 500 Series Compatible
  • Can emulate classic vintage and modern preamps based on settings
  • Push Button Switchable Custom input transformers (iron or nickel)
  • Auto mute when switching between input transformers
  • Custom iron output transformer
  • Boost - Low gain or high gain settings (eliminates the need for input pad)
  • 41 position detented gain potentiometer made by Alps
  • 41 position detented impedance potentiometer made by Alps
  • Gain selectable in approximately 1db increments
  • Widest impedance selection on any preamp ranging from 300 ohms to 10k ohms
  • Full 70dB of gain, perfect for ribbons and low output dynamics
  • High headroom, extremely quiet at highest gain
  • Instrument DI
  • Heavy duty custom fluted aluminum knobs
  • LED Push buttons glow when activated
  • Mute button
  • Polarity Reverse
  • 48V
  • +THD - output pad
  • Clip LED
  • Power Consumption: Max 75mA
  • 1 Year Warranty


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  1. Versatile Preamp 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 2nd 2023

    This preamp obviously has a very wide range of color and after playing around for a little I've been able to find settings that works well for all of my microphones and fantastically for some of them.

  2. Initial Results - WOW! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 2nd 2023

    I've only had a pair of these for two days now, but after a few hours of use I can only say "WOW." My initial use has been with a male and female vocalist withe completely different timbres and textures. Nickel/nickel was the trick on my Michael Joly modded ribbon, while I loved the creamy sound I was getting out of a Blue Bottle w/B6 and B7 capsules when using Iron both ways. Using the pad (+THD) really allowed for some great lush tones when dialing up the gain. Combining Nickel in and Iron out, I was able to tame sibilance on my female vocalist while still getting a nice breathy tone. I'm looking forward to using these on more than just vocals but after the first couple of days I would definitely put these on the short list for a desert island mic pre.
    (Juggernaut Fe and Juggernaut Ni)

  3. Make magic! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 23rd 2022

    If you’re looking at this you already know. Awesome price. Custom input and output transformers. So many features. This is the iron output. You can select from two different input transformers. This is definitely the best 500 series pre I’ve ever used and probably best pre period that I’ve used. Oh and variable impedance too. Just so many options to shape tone on here and it is just quality built. Got this made to order a few months ago from the man himself. Cheers! Make magic!

  4. Extremely well designed 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 7th 2017

    Having now tried the Juggernaut on numerous sources (acoustic and electric guitars, male / female vox, acoustic and electric bass, strings, and recently, snare) I must say this unit is a gem. The design is extremely well thought-out, so props to Mr. Eldred and Mr. Farrant. Good on those lads for the well-lit LEDs indicating which functions are engaged; I like being able to see what my preamps are doing from across a darkened control room without having to peer at them up close with a flashlight. Would I prefer an LED input meter (like an API 512c) also included in the design? Yes, but I understand the limited real estate in a tool that provides so many marvelous options.

    This unit sits next to said API pre, and I must say at certain settings it out-API’s the API. However, with the variable impedance, the boost, the THD, and the switchable transformers, it’s radically more versatile. It also sits next to Mr. Farrant’s Buzz Audio Elixir pre… at it’s cleanest, does the Juggernaut match the transparent beauty of the Elixir? Almost, but not quite; however, my model is the FE and I suspect the Ni model gets closer.

    Depending on the mic and the application, I do not hesitate to reach for the Juggernaut as quickly as I would our Chandler TG2, Fearn, Grace, Aurora Audio, Studer console or numerous other world class preamps. At the Juggernaut’s price point that’s quite a feat, and having the ability to subtly or radically dial in the tone preferred on the fly (as the other pre’s mentioned are one-trick ponies) to suit the performance is quite the boon. Kudos to the designers. Well done!

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