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"Nathan at Atlas Pro Audio was kind enough to send me a pair of [OSA] L3's for evaluation. we did a shoot out that included 1073's 1081's 512's and the [OSA] L3's. The L3's were the unanimous choice. They had a nice big extended low end and they were fast so there didn't have to be a decision or sacrifice of warmth verses transient response. I'm not sending them back. Excellent work Dale and thanks Nate for your help."

--Rob Schnapf (Beck, Foo Fighters, Moby, Elliot Smith, Rancid)


"i am so impressed with the customer service and attention Nathan provides for his customers. his standard is umatched. i have been buying equipment for over 35 years and nobody comes even close. my GOD! you've got my business going forward. thanx for being you."

Nirantara Dāsa 


"Nathan rocks. APA rocks. Professional and fast experience as always. A++++++++++" 

- Derek D. 


Thanks again for all the help, and thanks again for the great recommendation of the Buzz Audio stuff, and the fine service, as usual. I'm definitely keeping the BuzzAudio SOC 1.1. It sounds great and I've only just scratched the surface of what it can do.. like an LA2 but more flexible. And the fast mode is REALLY cool -- I just used it on Perry Farrell's vocal on the mix of the new Satellite Party single.. brilliant!

Talk to you soon!"

--Eli Janney (Satellite Party, The Rapture, Melissa Auf Der Maur, Ryan Adams, Girls Against Boys)

"Last week I ordered a Vintech X73i preamp and have been watching the UPS tracking screen everyday. Well, I got it today and plugged it in with my bass and was totally impressed! Great sound and everything I was hoping for. Well, I switched in the EQ section and nothing. No output, nada. So here I am 8:00 CST and a vocal session booked for Saturday.

So I go to Atlas's website and see that their open till midnight. I call and sure enough, Nathan answers and I explain the problem. He says hang on a second and I'll give you the owner of Vintech's (Dallas) cell number, call him and see what he thinks. Sure enough, Dallas answers and proceeds to walk me through trouble shooting the unit. I'm an E.E. (non-practicing manager) so I get out the old Fluke and away we go.

Well, unfortunately it was a no go and we couldn't pin down the problem. So Dallas gives me his Fedex number to return the unit and will have one out to me by Saturday! Now we all know that electronics can have "infant mortality", I'm sure we've all had it happen at least once in our life. But here it is 8:00 at night and not only do I get a hold of my supplier, but then they give me the personal cell phone number of the owner of the O.E.M and a half hour later we have a plan in place.

I've got to tell you, these guys just earned a customer for life. In todays world, we get musak on hold, voice mail, automated this, blah, blah, blah. These folks at Atlas and Vintech know how to treat a customer. Both of them couldn't apologize enough and I'm sitting here thinking, holy you know what, I wish every problem I've had with gear could be like this!

As a manager of a $60m USD business that has a call center and automated this and that, I'm walking in to work tomorrow with a new attitude, "delight every customer" and you'll have a customer for life."

-- Mark St. James, Basement Records

"Just got my new 11 space rack and set of MP1-L "Mutant" Lundahl [with 1538XL input transformer], I find them to be very much like my 1272 but with much tighter low end, body and much more detailed highs. At half the price of many sought after pres-i was floored! I am definetly interested in getting more of OSA's mic pres! I love the fact i have a choice thats affordable ,their straght forward yet high end sounds just like bigger consoles and i can take them anywhere at any session ,just plug em in and go!-i can mix and match pres to provide any coloration i need for tracking vocals, gtrs anything! The sound quality is amazing and the headroom is downright astounding. Also Atlas Pro Audio's customer service is remarkable and personal , finally someone who listens! and is straight up and honest-, my order came with no flaws NAthan followed up closely and made sure I got exatly what i ordered---- these guys are great and you can trust them!I plan on checking out thier up and coming compressors and eq's! While using the Lundahlls on female vocals, I noticed they SERIOUSLY warmed up my usually brassy female singer adding warmth and depth. The Lundahls seemed to have an ability to thicken with detail to the low mids just about anything i recorded through it while keeping an detailed top end for transients.. i found it really good for some rappers as well. I jsut toughened up about anything that went through it- cant wait to try bass through this monster!. alhtogh this pre inst the one for every vocals of course- one word i like to describe it is- BODY!"

--Andy Anderson Owner Voive Studios Orlando, Fl Producer/ Engineer
Engineered for Producer Tony Battaglia, Atlantic records rock band SHINEDOWN MANDY MOORE,and Creed's Mark Treontti. Produced, recorded tracks for rappers KHIA, BLOOD RAW,and current chart topper T PAYNE. Accomplished Techno remix producer, Produced over 300 dance mixes Hip Hop and R&B producer,pop,Rock, reggeatone, Orlando, Fl


"Responsive, customer-centric, above and beyond service. Highly recommended!"

- Jan M.

"I think that the Buzz Audio is a great, boutique mic pre that lives up to it's hype. I love mine and it's been great to have another color to offer clients and to choose from myself. I've used it on drum overheads with DPA 4015's and it was fantastic. Great balance and smooth, fast transients. You already know that it's sounds great on acoustic stringed instruments but I was also pleasantly surprised to hear it with a ribbon mic on electric guitars. Sounded great again. I have used it in conjuntion with a Flamingo and the Great River. It has a similar build quality and holds it's own with those 2 mic pres (which are both excellent)."

--Jim Chapdelaine (Played with: Big Al Anderson, Delbert McClinton, Pousette Dart Band, Les Paul , Dana Pomfret, Judy Henske, Duff; Produced: Dana Pomfret, Feathermerchants, Hassan Hakmoun w/Paula Cole, Aztec Two Step, Phoebe Snow; Mastered: Clarence Clemmons w/Bruce Springsteen, Aztec Two Step, Dead Legend, Paranoise and hundreds more. 3 Emmy's for PBS documentary scoring. And also Writes for the History Channel, NBC, ESPN, BMW, Cadillac, ARNG etc...)


"Since I started mixing ITB about 5 years ago, it made life much easier, especially when a remix had been requested, but I was never really content with the over-all sound quality. I heard about the Folcrom passive summing buss, and the ability to integrate a mic-pre of your choosing. I was interested in finding out what the hype was about, so I was in touch with Nathan Eldred of AtlasProAudio. After a week of repartee, he suggested I try the MA2.2 with the Sowter transformer to gain the Folcrom. Let me just say that I will never mix ITB again. The Buzz/Folcrom combo is an absolute winner. Tracking with the Folcrom is fairly easy. Assign (Stem) your channels accordingly, and you’re set. The MA2.2 is the best piece of equipment I have ever bought. It's unbelievably smooth and clean. If you're looking for that wide, spacious sound, with an incredible depth of field mix you get with analog, this is it!"

--Dean Landon (Roch Voisine, Anika Paris; Soundtracks: Bounce, Wisegirls, The Calling; TV: Oprah Ellen Degeneres Show, Extra, Celebrity Justice)


"I recently received a Vintech 473 4 channel mic pre, which was shipped to me by Atlas Pro Audio. I was completely blown away by this unit! My work mostly entails film scoring, but I also have the need to record vocals as well as live instruments for those as well as other projects.

So far, I've used the Vintech with vocals, electric keyboard, grand piano and euphonium. In every case the 473 added a wonderful, fat and distinct sound, especially compared to an Avalon 2022, which is more transparent. With a jazz female vocalist, the Vintech provided a silky sheen which was absent with the Avalon. She was thrilled with the result. When using a stereo mic on grand piano, the 473 really brought out the low end of the piano with absolutely no muddiness and without needing any eq. The mids were clear and smooth, and the highs again very silky. When recording my son (a euphonium prodigy), the Vintech exhibited all the robustness that one would expect when recording brass. The Rhodes patch on my Yamaha S80 came alive through the front direct inputs on the 473. The unit brought out more personality than I'd ever heard with those keys before.

I'm totally thrilled with the Vintech 473, as well as with the service and professionalism of Nathan Eldred at Atlas Pro Audio. Nathan was able to acquire this much in demand unit when another very well known dealer could not. The convenience and personal touch that Nathan provided made me a very satisfied customer. I'm also planning on being a returning customer for many years to come!

--George Oldziey (Sin City, Kill Bill Vol. 2, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Spy Kids 3D, Spy Kids, Spongebob Squarepants PS2 Revenge of the Flying Dutchman)



"I was in a pinch, needing a pair of Vintech [X73i] pre-amps next day, and Atlas Pro Audio was the only place that had them in stock. Nathan burned them in and had them to me the next morning. Professionalism at its best! I've been using Mic, and it likes both settings on the impedence, and the sound difference is just as you described. We're doing rock, so mostly going with the 300ohm setting, but on a ballad, the tamborine sat down in the mix when I flipped to 1200. The pre's sound fantastic. I'm loving them, and the clients couldn't be more pleased. Thanks again."

-- Allen Farmelo, Engineer with Ian Gillan (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath)



Thank you for your advice regarding the Vintech 609CA. It arrived yesterday and I had a chance to play with it today. I love what it does to the low-mid frequencies. I adds some punch where needed. The build quality is superb and the controls make it easy to dial in effective settings. It really complements my Crane Song STC-8 and Pendulum OCL-2. Your advice was right on and your customer service is second to none. Keep up the good work. Thanks."

--John Culleton

"Hi Nathan,

I just got the Vintech X73i that I ordered from Atlas yesterday. As soon as it arrived, it went with me to a vocal session. As soon as the singer began, I couldn't believe how incredible this thing sounded. A nice full body, beautiful air on top, simply amazing. I found the 300ohm setting to be a little more detailed, and up front sounding, and the 1200ohm to have a little less air with more of a room sound, but both settings sound great. I have been a long time API user, and just recently decided to try a new flavor. After reading your review (which is actually very accurate as compared to a lot of reviews) I decided to go with the Vintech. I love this thing and will more than likely be adding another channel very soon! Thanks!"

--Jack Clarke - Recording Engineer Jack's Tunes Online

"Hey Nathan,

Thank you so much. I got the Aurora all hooked up and I am totally blown away. What a great deal, you rule. We will be doing business again very soon.

Again, thank you,"

--Scott M.

"Hey Nathan -
I received the Lavry 4496 yesterday and had it wired in last night. Wow. What a difference! Absolutely amazing clarity...I'm very pleased with it. Thanks again for your input and great service (and the t-shirt of course!)."

-- Hank H. Magellan Sound Studio

Hello Nathan
Writing to say I got everything, excellent packaging my man. I am super psyched to get a move on some recordings. The charteroak is so sweet, put it up with an AKG 451 on my classical and bam, sounds wonderful. I turned my friend on to your site, he is on the look for a mic and some good pres. Thanks again Nathan. I hope you are well."

--Trevor M.

"Nathan at Atlas Pro Audio is the man. I ordered some Real Traps and a Great River ME-1NV and all I can say is WOW! This stuff is totally taking my stuff to the next level. Plus, Nathan’s service is top notch and he replied to most of my emails in under one hour… now that’s fast! The stuff also showed up quickly and in perfect condition. I would whole heartedly recommend him to anybody interested in great service, great products, and great turnaround. Thanks!"

--Luke S., The Cave, Ojai CA

"Just a note to tell you I got the AEB8-I card installed and running on my computer. Great sound! RME lives up to its reputation again. The aeb card does indeed have those wonderful RME A/D converters on it, so no need for an external converter coming off a CD player. The sound is great, particularly for the price. The RME equipment in its price range is very good bang for the buck. I would recommend the aeb-i board to anyone already using RME equipment. Just thought you'd like to know.

From another happy Atlas customer. Have a great day, and make it a successful 2005!"

-- John Hoekstra

From a Happy Customer:
After deciding to upgrade my studio with some very fine equipment I decided to work with Nathan at Atlas Pro Audio. The results are very satisfactory. Nathan is highly knowledgeable, discerning and passionate about pro audio gear. He offers fantastic insight and a wonderful product lineup. The sound quality I'm achieving on my recordings is superb."

--Bruce Ross

"I have bought almost exclusively from Nathan for the last two years. Nathan has spent TONS of time educating me about gear and helping me set up my studio. I could not have done it without him. And the key point is: he has never misled me, and every piece of gear I have bought from him is as he said it would be. His integrity is above reproach, based on my experience. So, I am happy to give you my thoughts. However, you have the best possible source of good info in Nathan. You can rely on what he tells you. I ask him detailed questions, and he always gives me good responses. I highly recommend you use him as your guide for these decisions. Yes, he sells gear..........but that doesn't mean he will mislead you. He is the best I've found anywhere........period."

-- Mike H.

"Hi Nathan,
This is Riley from Canada - the one that ordered the MP-1. Just wanted to say that it arrived ahead of schedule and it sounds great. I was a little bit nervous about ordering from the States because I've never done it before, but I'd definitely order from you guys again. Great packing job. by the way."

-- Riley Rempel

"I got some new pres in this week!, some Old School Audio pres. I'd like to thank Nathan at Atlas and Dale from OSA for going above and beyond to meet a tight deadline I had for having these for a session." -- M. Johnson

Nathan has answered every question I had about lots of stuff and does a great job getting things shipped on time. He took lots of time answering my questions late into the evening a few times before I made a purchase. Thumbs up.

-- Scott P.

Not only Nathan, but Brijitte as well. They were awesome. One of the best business experiences ever. I feel like I'm leaving ebay feedback. I will definately continue to do business with them for as long as possible. Excellent and totally professional thoughout the duration of the transaction and shipping. I always felt confident in consulting with them at any time. It also, seemed as though, they were always at work. Anytime I called they answered.

I placed a pretty significant order with them recently and they came through over and above. Everything from a matched pair of Distressors drop shipped from Empirical Labs. The same with a pair of AEA R84 from Wes Dooley. Brijitte actually drove to Vintech and back to have my 1272 modded to acheive 60db of gain. They even went to the extent of having coordinated the shipping on some of the peices to be delivered immediately after I arrived home from my Christmas vacation. That is inconceivable.

Keep up the great work guys. I will be calling you soon. I knew there had to be something good about Florida.

-- Stewart C.

"Nathan has been an indespensible resource for me and has always given advice to help me on my tonequest. He has never focused on making a "sale" and always puts my (the customers) needs first. In my experience Nathan is brutally honest and a great guy, I'm one customer that will keep coming back because he always does the right thing..."

-- Andy G.

"I picked up an R84 from Nathan at Atlas the day before yesterday. Nathan and Brijitte are great people! It was nice to meet them in person The least "gear-pimp" of gear pimps I have met. Actually, you can tell that Nathan and Brijitte have a love for music that goes WAY beyond selling gear."

-- George T.

"I just ordered an RNC from Atlas like 3 days ago in the middle of the night, and it popped up on my door today. I was in shock that it shipped that fast and made it across the USA so quickly. Particularly since they didn't charge me any shipping. What a great deal, thanks Nathan!"

--Kurt T.

"I have two U195's. I use em on just about anything/ everything, but I ALWAYS use them for me drum overheads! Oh, and one has the new grill, one HAD the old grill. I say had because after a little mishap (dent) Mr. Atlas himself (Nathan) managed to get me a replacement. Thanks Nathan, and thanks to the Soundelux guys for great tools at a reasonable price."

--Tommy D.

Manufacturer's Comments:

"Call Nathan at Atlas Pro Audio. He's helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. He hangs around Gearslutz too. If you're looking for somebody in Florida, he's your guy."

--Justin Ulysses Morse, Roll Music Studios

"Nathan is one of my favorite dealers when it comes to service, he does get the things done."

--Michal J., Mytek Digital