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  • Avantone CDMK-8 8-Mic Drum Mics Kit -

Avantone CDMK-8 8-Mic Drum Mics Kit

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Avantone CDMK-8 8-Mic Drum Mics Kit
These are the 2nd generation of drum mics from Avantone and a great deal of R&D effort has culminated in these rugged, great sounding drum mics. We feel they represent the very finest drum microphone packages available, both for live clubs & concerts, as well as serious studio recording projects.
The AVANTONE CDMK drum mics are truly gorgeous looking and sounding microphones. Their proprietary design, character and performance are made to set a new standard in drum mic'ing.
A unique feature of all our dynamic drum mics in the Avantone CDMK series is a pair of machined insets on the barrel of each microphone body. These insets allow the O-rings of the SSM shockmount to "lock" the mic into place, which prevents mic shifting and slippage.
Aesthetically, each mic features an elegant Cabernet Wine-Red finish, accented with polished nickel trim.
Any studio or venue can proudly & confidently offer the CDMK drum mic kit for professional use.
All components are designed and manufactured using the finest materials yielding a very solid feel, superb structural integrity and rugged reliability.
Standard Items Supplied:
(1) Mondo Kick Drum Microphone
(1) ADM Snare Drum Microphone
(3) ATOM Tom Microphones
(2) CK-1 Cardioid Condenser Mics (for overheads)
(1) CK-1 Hyper-cardioid Condenser Mic (for hi-hat)
(4) PK-1 Pro-Klamp Drum Rim Microphone Mounts
(8) SSM Metal Shockmounts
Custom Heavy Duty Locking Padded Tweed Vintage Case
Owner's Manual
The MONDO kick drum mic is the heart of the AVANTONE CDMK drum mic lineup. It offers a very aggressive frequency contour that sounds huge right out of the box, so most engineers will find little need for EQ. …. plus as in all our mics… NO PLASTIC to break! The MONDO has a die-cast zinc body with a steel and brass grill assembly, and features internal shockmounting on the capsule assembly to prevent the transmission of unwanted "rumble" from physical vibrations.
The ADM snare drum mic is voiced to “follow” the familiar sound of industry standard snare mics. However, we engineered a better low end and smoother, extended top end. The ADM has a die-cast zinc body with a steel and brass grill assembly. Although we call it a "snare drum mic", the ADM is a versatile mic that is completely at home on high toms, bongos, congas, guitar cabinets, etc.
The ATOM tom mic adheres to our overall tonal philosophy of “big sounding drums” and incorporates an oversize capsule that captures a huge low end as well as a penetrating attack. The ATOM is custom voiced to yield a fat, big sound that often requires no EQ at all! Because of the special voicing on the ATOM, it also is fantastic on djembe, large congas, and bass amp cabinets. Like our MONDO kick drum mic, the ATOM has a die-cast zinc body with a steel and brass grill assembly, and features internal shockmounting on the capsule assembly to prevent the transmission of unwanted "rumble" from physical vibrations.
The CK-1 true condenser mics are utilized for overheads and hi-hat. The overheads feature cardioid capsules for accurate stereo image capturing, and the hi-hat mic utilizes a hyper-cardioid capsule to minimize bleed from adjacent drums. Each CK-1 has a low frequency cutoff switch and –10dB attenuation switch for versatile tone shaping & signal control. It accurately captures the delicate nuances of the cymbals while rejecting sounds from interfering sources away from the kit. Each CK-1 microphone body and capsule assembly is precision machined from brass. The CK-1 in its normal stock version uses high grade Polystyrene and Metalized  Polypropylene capacitors in the audio path. This represents our commitment to quality as these normally are the type of "upgrade" components that are implemented by microphone modder/hot-rodders!
The PK-1 PRO-KLAMP drum rim mic mounts are superb in allowing a confident positioning of the mic while inhibiting the transfer of unwanted vibrations up into the mic with three(!) stages of rubber dampening/decoupling material. This isolation allows for professional results without the need for tripod/boom stands. While it was designed to withstand the rigors of live stage gigging, it is the first drum rim mic mount that will reliably work in a pro-studio situation. This makes the engineers’ job easier and insures that the mics will stay in place where he positions them. Each PK-1 is built for reliability and is exceptionally rugged, with heavy-duty metal construction.
The SSM shock mounts are as rugged as you can find and allow for a superb decoupling of the mics from unwanted low-frequency transfer and rumble. This feature, coupled with the use of the PRO-KLAMPS, results in a much tighter, less muddy sound than other brands of drum mic kits. The O-rings are manufactured using a custom formula. The new world class Ethylene Propylene formula provides enormous resistance to breakage, resistance to surface nicks and remains supple and effective even against dry, hot temperatures. It has the best resistance to ozone and weathering, which makes it great for use around electronics devices, and maintains its physical properties even in a stretched condition. Each SSM is constructed of heavy-duty die-cast zinc, which is not only incredibly durable but also adds mass, which contributes to vibration dampening/decoupling.
The custom vintage tweed case is hand-built for heavy-duty storage (and groovy-looking, to boot!). The metal corners, locking latches, high-density foam tray, and plush lining make this case very roadworthy while offering a visually unique design. Aesthetically, the case features a tweed and faux-alligator trim exterior, with a Cabernet wine-red plush lining. The slotted foam tray not only protects and stores each component of the drum mic kit, but also lifts out of the case to provide storage for cables, sticks, etc. Additionally, by removing the tray you are left with a fantastic and stylish piece of carry-on luggage.
MONDO Kick Mic ADM Snare Mic ATOM Tom Mic CK-1 FET Mic
Dynamic Dynamic Dynamic True Condenser
Polar Pattern(s) Cardioid Cardioid Cardioid  Cardioid & Hyper-Cardioid
Frequency Response 20Hz - 15kHz 50Hz - 16kHz 30Hz - 15kHz 30Hz - 20kHz +/- 3dB
Output Impedance 210 Ohms 520 Ohms 220 Ohms 200 Ohms
Maximum SPL 145dB 145dB 145dB 138dB (0.5% THD @1000Hz)
Output Connector Male XLR 3-pin Male XLR 3-pin Male XLR 3-pin Male XLR 3-pin
Power Requirements N/A N/A N/A Standard 48v phantom
Weight .5 kg (16 oz) .35 kg (11 oz) .4 kg (13 oz) .16 kg (5 oz)
Finish Cabernet / Black / Nickel Cabernet / Black / Nickel Cabernet / Black / Nickel Cabernet / Nickel

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