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Two New 500 Series Modules from LaChapell Audio!

Posted by Atlas Pro Audio on


500 Series Dual Topology Tube and Solid State Preamp

MSRP: $649

The LaChapell Audio 500DT dual topology preamp is a 500 series microphone preamp that features two separate topologies or amplification paths. When the blend knob is fully to the TUBE side, the signal will pass through a transformer before being amplified by a TrueTube™ powered 12AX7 vacuum tube. TrueTube is LaChapell Audio’s proprietary method of supplying a full 250V to the vacuum tube so you get loads of clean tube gain.

When the blend knob is turned fully to the OPAMP side, the signal passes directly to a solid state preamplifier. This input is transformer-less and will provide clean gain with exceptionally low noise Placing the blend control anywhere between the two extremes will “blend” the two topologies for a wide variety of tonal options.


500 Series Channel Strip with EQ and Compressor

MSRP: $649

The 500CS Channel Strip from LaChapell Audio is a complete channel strip featuring a pristine OpAmp based solid state preamp, high and low pass filters, full 3-band EQ and VCA compressor in one unit.

Each “half” of the unit can function independently for maximum value and versatility. Track with the preamp, eq and compressor together, then switch to independent mode and use the eq/compressor side as an outboard processor.