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FMR Audio PBC-6A Mono Compressor

An aggressive compressor for the masses!

  • Drive - The PBC’s feedback configuration makes it possible to vary both the amount of compression along with some intrinsic make-up gain in one control. This is it. The most compression is attained with the DRIVE control fully clockwise and at a minimum in the fully counterclockwise direction.
  • Knee - The more clockwise this control, the smaller the change in the input signal that is required to achieve higher compression ratios. The more counterclockwise, the wider the change in the input signal that is required to achieve higher compression ratios.
  • Attack - As with many other compressors, this controls how quickly the PBC will react to changes in the input signal. Subjectively, this control allows high frequencies to be more easily emphasized.
  • Release - This control determines how quickly the PBC will return to its previous gain levels as the signal level decreases.
  • Output - This provides a convenient means to help match levels between the PBC and subsequent devices. Two push button controls are present on the front panel as well:
  • Bypass - Allows the selection of the signal present at the input jack or the output of the PBC’s balanced line driver.
  • Thick - Alters the PBC’s release characteristics in a way that is perceived as a subtle “thickening” the sound.

Our Price: $475.00
FREE US Ground Shipping

FMR Audio ARC Guitar Compressor

ARC Dynamic FX Pedal
Although named for its ability to enhance the sound of many different instruments—it improves your instrument’s Articulation, Resonance and Clarity (A.R.C.)—the FMR Audio A.R.C. has a unique combination of features that you will find equally useful in the studio or on the stage. Specifically, the FMR Audio A.R.C. provides:
1. A boost function that buffers and amplifies instrument signals to a higher level.
2. A compressor that enhances your instrument’s tone and dynamics.
3. A direct box to interface your instrument to live or recording studio equipment.
4. A studio effect that may be used to process audio tracks from your favorite DAW or recorder.
It does all this with a minimum set of controls and a look that entices you to plug it in and turn the knobs!

Our Price: $300.00
FREE US Ground Shipping

FMR Audio RNLA Levelling Amp

The Really Nice Levelling Amplifier (RNLA) is a compressor, of sorts, with a character that works well with vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitars and two-mix sources. A friend describes the RNLA's tone as "thick and gooey". Some very well-outfitted RNLA users report that even with a full complement of expensive, vintage levelling amps/compressors, the RNLA still fills a niche that the others don't!

The sonic performance of the RNLA harkens back to the Really Nice Compressor's (RNC's) origins. The original RNC was, in fact, based upon an optical gain element that was ultimately rejected (and tucked away) due to its imparting of a sonic signature (i.e., "color"). However, just like trying to throw away a ball of adhesive tape, this one has also stuck with (to?) us! What's the old saying? What's old, is new again? The implementation is a little different (i.e., no opto) from the 1984 version, but the final sound is eerily similar...

Our Price: $225.00
FREE US Ground Shipping

FMR Audio RNC 1773 Compressor

Everyone loves the RNC. Who doesn't love a great product at a great price? A lot of times when a person must opt for an economical piece of gear, the person must compromise the quality of the end product. There are so many compressors out there that claim to be "pro" units in the sub $1000 range (actually more like $1700 range now that the Distressor has gone up in price); most of them yeild mediocre results and will cost you the same or more than the RNC. The RNC is not like any other budget priced compressor, it is the "best bang for your buck" compressor in the whole pro audio industry today, there is nothing else like it. With the RNC you will not sacrifice quality, plus you save a ton of money. The RNC has the capability to compress the given signals without artifact, making it an extremely valuable and economical recording tool. We at Atlas Pro Audio have personally compared it to other compressors; and found it to be comprable to compressors approximately 7 times it's price!! Whether you have a commercial studio, project studio, live venue, or just need an awesome affordable compressor - you need an RNC, you won't be dissappointed. Ever studio should own at least one!

---Best Regards from Atlas Pro Audio!

Our Price: $175.00

FMR Bundles and Accessories

RNC 1773
Stereo Compressor
List Price: $199.00
Our Price: $175.00
Two RNC's & 19" NCC-1701
Stereo Pair
List Price: $467.95
Our Price: $400.00
Funk Logic 19" NCC-1701
Holds 2 RNCs or 2 RNLAs
List Price: $79.95
Our Price: $65.00
RNC & RNLA & 19" LARC Rack
Combo Compressor Pack
List Price: $518.98
Our Price: $450.00
Two RNLA's & 19" NCC-1701
Stereo Pair
List Price: $569.85
Our Price: $500.00
RNLA & RNP & 19" LARC Rack (*LARP was Discontinued)
Pre & Comp
List Price: $818.94
Our Price: $750.00
Shown here: 2 RNC's in Funklogic NCC-1701 Rack Mount!
The RNC and RNP are 220V adaptable. 220V Power Supply is an additional $20 each.

FMR Audio RNP 8380 Preamp

RNP 8380 Stereo Mic Pre
List Price: $499.00
Our Price: $475.00


The Really Nice Pre-amp, the RNP, is a 1/3 rack two channel mic pre-amp. FMR's objectives for this pre-amp were:
•Relatively neutral sonics
•A Really Nice price ( $499 msrp )
•Compatibility with the RNC/RNLA

We believe that the RNP is a good addition to any studio looking for an clean, full-sounding mic pre-amp.

Read Nathan's Review

FMR Audio RNP, RNC, & Funklogic FRT8373 Rack

FMR RNP & RNC and Funk Logic FRT (shown above, some assembly required)
Stereo Mic Pre and Stereo Compressor (Comp is Not Dual Mono)

List Price: $875.95
Our Price: $699.00
FREE UPS Ground Shipping

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